Supervised Ph.D. students

Arthur BAYLE (2021-2024). The complexity of greening in temperate mountain systems

Rémy PERRON (2021-2024). Impact of livestock farming systems on the biodiversity dynamics of mountain grasslands in the French Alps

Camille VOISIN (2022-2025) (co-supervised with Florian Boucher, LECA).  On the role of soil chemistry in the diversification of the alpine flora : insights from alpine Noccaea rotundifolia (s.l.)

In addition I follow attentively the Ph.D. project of

Baptiste NICOUD (2023-2026) (supervised by Sandra Lavorel & Christophe Corona). Integrating dendrology and remote sensing to understand shrub encroachment in temperate mountains

Master students

Matilda TAMALOUT (2024). Modelling the fine-scale distribution of alpine snowbed species using present and past remotely-sensed proxys of snow cover duration