TOP : Trajectories of agrO-Pastoral systems in mountains : land management adaptations to climate, ecological and socio-economic changes.

ANR-funded project (2021-2024)

TOP investigates the vulnerability and resilience of livestock farming systems that rely on the use of high altitude pastoral areas for part of the year. These systems are at the crossroads of several societal issues: the maintenance of mountain agriculture and valuation of local dairy products, the conservation management of remarkable ecosystems and biodiversity, the understanding of the effects of global changes (climate and use) on the functioning of ecosystems and the services that these ecosystems provide to societies. We proposed an integrated and transdisciplinary approach to these issues, bringing together the climate and biodiversity sciences and the human and social sciences, in close relationship with key actors of this sector. The project covers the French Alps and Pyrenees and benefits from a dense network of non-academic partners.

PASTORALP. Pastures vulnerability and adaptation strategies to climate change impacts in the Alps

LIFE-funded project (2021-2024)

PASTORALP aims at assessing and testing adaptation measures to reduce the vulnerability and increase the resilience of pasture agriculture in mountains. This work benefits from a solid science-based knowledge of future climate change impacts on mountain grasslands in the Parc National des Ecrins (France) and the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso (Italy).