Some work pieces at the heart of my research

  • Choler, P. (2015) Growth response of temperate mountain grasslands to inter-annual variations in snow cover duration. Biogeosciences, 12, 3885-3897.

-> snow cover duration is a major driver of mountain grassland growth and ecologists need to develop tighter research collaborations with snow scientists

  • Choler, P. (2018) Winter soil temperature dependence of alpine plant distribution: Implications for anticipating vegetation changes under a warming climate. Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics, 30, 6-15.

-> we should pay more attention to the very local (soil) climate alpine plants are experiencing if we want to forecast their response to climate change

  • Choler, P., Bayle, A., Carlson, B.Z., Randin, C., Filippa, G. & Cremonese, E. (2021) The tempo of greening in the European Alps: Spatial variations on a common theme. Global Change Biology, 27, 5614-5628.

-> the European Alps turn green ! this is a widespread phenomenon that has been observed for at least the last 20 years