I am involved in several long-term monitoring initiatives.


With the support of the Station Alpine J. Fourier, I am maintaining a network of loggers for the continuous recording of subsurface soil temperature and soil volumetric water content in an high-elevation watershed (the Roche Noire valley) located between the Lautaret pass and the Galibier pass. More recently, we installed automated cameras to track the seasonnal dynamics of snow cover and vegetation greening in the same valley (more...)


We are monitoring the timing, the magnitude and the climate drivers of pulses of vegetation growth in highly seasonal environments. This is done in conditions where plant growth is primarily controlled by :

  • snow cover duration and temperature as in the Alps  (more...)

  • rainfall events as in Northern Australia  (more...)


FLUXALP is a recently launched monitoring program that aims measuring the fluxes of carbon, water and energy exchanged between land and atmmosphere in a subalpine grassland located near the Station Alpine du Lautaret.

FLUXALP is a collaborative working project involving plant ecologists, hydrologists, climate scientists from the Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble (OSUG). (More...)